hey hey. my name is mey, barmey, whatever you wanna call me. i love video games and sleeping!! i really like tma, half life, pmmmm, rtvs, coding html, horror content... socpens, vhs, a lot of stuff.

erm okay so lets get the basics outta the way. im a 16 year old boygirl girlboy who uses all pronouns! my sexuality is all over the place- aromantic ace-spec bisexual is the most simple way to put it. im an esfp 7w6 and my sibling has assigned me "house hypnos"- i have never read pjo.

i have arthirtis, and thus i am gone from school a lot due to really really bad pain. i am disabled physicially and it's something that's really effected my view on the world, being abled bodied, etc.! i also have hypersomnia... so i spend a lot of time asleep or tired but i struggle falling asleep. it sucks but :3

i like to write and play video games... i am twice published and run a magazine at my school. i am also a theater technician, experienced in soundboard operation and sound design.

i use a few social medias: instagram (MOSTLY for my friend's art, and to talk to my irls), discord (for communication) and tumblr for literally anything else. tumblr