I KNOW it's kinda lame to make a webpage for someone's birthday, especially a more simple one in design, but it's currently my hyperfixation and stuff. but happy 18th birthday!

i consider you, probably, to be one of my closest friends just because we spend SO MUCH time together. literally almost every second at school, and you know. i couldn't ask for a better person to be with all the time. i have a very very low social battery, but i dont really feel drained around you, and i think that's because of how easy you are to talk to. i mean this in a positive way, you are someone who i can talk to for hours and not get tired of and that's something i can't say about a lot of people.

i appreciate you so much. you've helped me through a lot and you're this supportive figure i've had only since september, but it feels like a lot longer. im infinitely grateful, always will be, for you. i care for you so much, you mean a lot to me and i really hope you know this. now more than ever! i love just talkign for hours about our interests. usually ones we dont share... and yet i dont get annoyed or bored. i love listening to you talk for hours. i love spending most of my school day with you, and you make it a lot more bearable to get up because i know i have someone to talk to during the school day. laughing together in creative writing or ranting about stupid kids in our block class- watching you type in 9pt font text or us communicating through google docs when we should be doing work... all these memories mean a lot to me. they're ones i'll literally always look back on and smile because they mean so much. im so happy i met you and i wish i met you earlier because MAN. thank you for being one of my closest friends ever. i hope i can get you an actual present soon, but this is what i can do.

im finally finishing this up, i started this i think two days ago. and now i finished it! and im heading to your house in a few hours which is kinda funny.. super excitied to show this to you. happiest of birthdays and i hope this works as a temporary present.

i know you dont listen to music a lot but i did make you a birthday playlist. right here!

dont worry :3 no one else can see this btw... i used ur online name JUUSSTTT in case though!!