about me!

hello hello!~ you might notice this page is A LOT more simple than the homepage and yeah i just want all my text to be readable and easily accessable no fancy things hereeee.

my name is barmey, the m is not a typo. most people just call me mey and that's fine too :3 some fun about me things yes yes

im an ENFP 7w6, i really enjoy video games, dungeons and dragons, spooky horror things, comic books, etc. imagine the most stereotypical 12 year old boy and that's essentially me. i really really love video games. it's my favorite thing ever and i could talk about how much i love them BUT i could also give you a list of my favs!

erm kinlist: ashley taylor, barmey calhoun, entrapta, clara pathologic, cheryl mason, emu otori... im a weird girl in a trans boy body

so list of games: half life, pathologic, postal, portal, bloodborne, bioshock, silent hill, dbd, resident evil are some of my absolute favorites. currently super into hl, pathologic, bloodborne and portal. i also really enjoy horror movies and there will probably be a section here for that actually!

other than gaming i also play dungeons and dragons, watch movies etc., but my hobby(tm) is writing! i'm a horror author who's been published in a small magazine twice. i have a love of mortuary science and plan on becoming a mortician in a future, along with a hobby of looking at bugs teehee. the girl on the top is ashley taylor from magia record and i dont actually watch anime i just like madoka magica...

ummm so pathologic has been my THING for two years now and it's the game i can recite anything about from heart. i just felt like i needed to tell you all that because it means that much to me? half life might be my current interest but pathologic is my... favorite thing i think