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Half Life is a 1998 FPS game made by Valve. Valve is known for their work such as Portal, Team Fortress 1+2, and of course Steam. You play as Gordon Freeman, who fights through Black Mesa Facilities as an event called the Resonance Cascade. The RC causes an alien species known as Xen to invade Earth.

As Freeman makes his way to the surface, he finds out that he is under attack by both the aliens and the HECU- a military force aiming to cover up the event. This includes killing all survivors. Throughout the game, you see a mysterious man named G-Man, who watches from the shadows.

Gordon eventually comes across the Nihlanth, a creature that he destroys and saves Earth from the Xenian invasion. As Gordon comes out of Xen, he comes across G-Man who puts him in a 20 year stasis for unknown reasons, before the game ends.

Half Life had a few spin-offs in something called the GearBox. This includes:

Half Life Blue Shift follows a security guard named Barney Calhoun as he goes the Resonance Cascade. Being one of the shorter games in Half-Life, many find it to be the weakest. However I love Barney Calhoun he is the Love Of My Life I am in love with all the main protaganists but Barnabus Calhoon is my husband. You play through essentially, the everyman. Gordon is a superpowered monster, and all the other characters have something that make them special. Barney has his common sense and he makes it through Black Mesa through sheer luck and being the best character.

Opposing Force is deemed equal to, or better, than HL1 due to it’s unique mechanics and really creative story. You play as HECU officer Adrian Shepard as he fights through a SECOND alien force. He is also in G-Man’s basement.

Decay, you play as Gina Cross and Colette Green. Lesbians! Multiplayer game!

Half Life 2’s plot summary is a work in progress.

I also plan to add information about Portal, Entropy Zero, Half Life Beta, Epistle 3, CODENAME GORDON, HL: ALYX (alyx is my wife i love her so fucking much) and much more!

If you want one of the best sources for Half Life Lore, I cannot recommend enough Skyrioon's Half Life Playlist and especially his Half Life and Portal Combined Timeline!!

There are many Half Life series on youtube, many of which have their own fandoms. The accumlated versions of all half life series is called the Freemanvese. Imagine the Sans AU of Half Life. I love the Freemanverse so freaking much I'm exploding and dying over how much I love it.

Half Life VR AI is a Half Life Comedy series done by WayneRadioTV and his group of friends including, but not limited to, HollowTones, Socpens, MasterGir and Bauulp. The plot of this is what if Half Life 1 was in VR and the AI, played by Wayne’s friends, were all alive and sentient. The cast includes many unique characters, all of which are beloved.Our main character is Gordon “Martini” Freeman (sometimes referred to as Feetman) and his friends Bubby, Benrey, Tommy Coolatta, Coomer, and Darnold. Sometimes you might see his son, Joshua, mentioned. I love them all and this is what got me into the Freemanverse so thank you HLVRAI for existing mwah mwah. It’s completely separate from HL Canon and is enjoyable WITHOUT knowing Half Life.

Alright it’s Freeman’s Mind time. Freeman’s Mind is a Machinma series made by Ross Scott. The protagonist is, you guessed it, the titular and infamous Gordon Freeman except this time he’s a bit insane :3. You listen to his thoughts as he goes more and more insane trying to make sense of anything. Freemind has a bit of a god complex and really really needs therapy please Freemind you need THERAPY. This series drives me insane and crazy because Freemind is such a well written silly goofy guy (lie). The Freeman’s Mind series spawned an entire series called… the MINDVERSE!!!

Oh god Barney’s Mind… you ever watch something, realize you relate to someone in the worst way, and then name yourself after him? That’s me. You follow… Barmey Calhoun in Black Mesa. Okay, so you know how Freemind is this badass one eyed dude who’s cool and shit? What if Freemind listened to dubstep Tetris and was pathetic and sad but in a different way? That’s Barmey and god dear lord above it’s amazing. Barmey Calhoun world’s most pathetic man ever. If Freemind used 4Chan instead of drugs.

Arlen’s Mind! So, Arlen is a silly guy. I really don’t know how to describe him other than wet dog of a man who goes to hot topic and wears eyeliner. He’s a pessimistic dude who spends most of it being exhausted (he is the world’s sleepiest guy) and looking for Kate. I have so many thoughts about him I want to kiss him in the face and then kick him he’s so weird and listen- none of the mind guys are very describable okay YOU HAVE to watch them to understand them. Also his name is TJ “Tod Joby” Arlen. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM SHAKING YOU BITING YOU EATING HIS HEAD LIKE A CHEW TOY.

Stanley's mind okay this has to be the MOST pathetic mind man ever. He's adorable and squishy and i WANT to bite on his head like a madman because he is so GAHH babygirl real. He's a walking emoticon ^.^ :o >_< i wanan feed him soup and pat his head like a littl kitten.. hes my babygirl real........ sorry i'm normal about fictional characters that's a lie i'm not HAHA

This entire section is a work in progress! I’m super sleepy right now so I’ll add some more soon but I plan on adding: Half Life Google Translate, Eddie’s Mind, Mind of Ryan, Stark’s Mind, information about Half Life Full Concequences, Gorgeous Freeman and MOREEEE :3