the name is mey, welcome to my site! this is my personal site where i can blog, do silly things like make an entire page for my love of half life, or talk about half life and half life this is a permanant work in progress and i've redone this main page like sixteen times and decided on something simple for accessability. thanks for checking my website out, say hi in the cbox to the right or sign the guestbook or whatever thanks for lookin around! :3


-1/16/23: redid the entire layout because i didnt like it before... featuring a brand new spiffy chatbox, a resources page, and of course- a place where you can see all the old skins my website had :3

-1/15/23: added half life shrine + blog area!

-1/10/23: adjusted some spacing

-1/9/23: redid the color scheme, went from yellows and oranges and blues to magenta green

-1/8/23: a LOT has changed you dont need me to be there to explain the changes yer ^u^.

-1/6/23: im so tired im actually going to kill someone ive spent like six hours on trying to figure out the fonts wahhhh

-1/6/23: webbed site going live soon maybe? mostly testing what happens with a lot of text in this bad boy :3 :3 :3 :3 okay just how long can this get i dont think muhc longer uhh eduhm dhuhm dhum dhum


this site started on november 22nd, after your webhost got super interested in basically making nicer carrds. this site is inspired by old web websites trying to give the "random 12 year old boy learned how to code html and went crazy went ham" this is really just an improved version of an older site of mine on carrd. it's not the most aesthetic thing but ermm it's what im going for sorta :3.


how long have you been coding for?
two months.
can we copy code?
go ahead!!
inspiration sites?
purinland and nyaa were my two biggest inspirations on this site layout. before it was sugarforbrains

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