This is a game about boundaries. Humans transcending their own limitations, and the metamorphoses that may await them on that journey: a blood cell or an udurgh, a doll or a living creature, a slave to the circumstances or the setter of new laws

The concept of being worn out is important to Pathologic. It’s largely a game about what things used to be and will become rather than what they are. The Town is filled with ruins of things, ideas, and ambitions. Somewhat less than pretty chests-of-drawers are the least sad examples of this, but they are also there to support the motif

“In the beginning there was nothing, only the abyss (not a precise term: to the steppe people, an abyss is not a chasm or void but the opposite, the greatest possible density, a place that is cramped, stifling, and airless; instead of building over it, it is to be cleared and expanded)”.