the magnus archives

watch the magnus archives here

WAIT. BEFORE WE START. ART CREDITS. The backround and helen on the right was made by akidachi, and their distortionist trial animation. SPOILERS, by the way. the artwork used in the intro is by eliziarts on tumblr.

the magnus archives is a podcast.. was a podcast? will be a podcast? about one jonathan sims, and the horrors he goes through while working for his horrible job at the magnus insitute. it ran for 200 episodes- and i love each one.

i discovered it in january of 2022 when a friend of mine, who you might know as leaflxz on instagram, introduced me to it. i binged all 200 episodes in a week and a half and it was my hyperfixation for quite a while. my love of it has been reigninted due to a friend of mine listening to it.

ive written a number of original statements, due to me being a horror author, and i hope to make a small anthology once i have enough written.

this will be a spoiler free shrine due to me urging YOU TO LISTEN TO IT. also my friend is listening to it, and i do not want to spoil xen :3.

my favorite characters are helen richardson, melanie king, and martin blackwood.

my favorite episode is 177, or wonderland. it's my favorite despite the episode giving me a panic attack last time i listened to it.

the scariest fear, and the avatar i'd be, would be the spiral.